Midwest Doulas offers a full range of services to encapsulate, preserve, and celebrate your

placenta. Each step of the process takes place in your own home to ensure that the process is

free of cross-contamination and less complicated for you. Simply bring your placenta home—or

carry it to your kitchen—and keep it refrigerated until we arrive.

We will carefully and respectfully:

 – Dehydrate and encapsulate your placenta, yielding an average of 100 to 200 capsules.

 – Create a placenta print.

 – Make a beautiful cord keepsake.

Reported benefits of placenta capsules include:

 – Maximizing milk supply.

 – Lower instances of postpartum mood disorders.

 – Faster healing and improved well-being.

The cost of placenta services, including capsules, print, and cord keepsake, is $275.