In our professional and personal life, we sometimes feel discouraged or frustrated by the so-called “Mommy-war”. The ramifications of this negativity are endless. From the way we feed our babes, to the way we diaper them, love them, teach them, wash them…and so on!

We have been wanting to make a change. Some would say it’s just little one.  Maybe, but we sure are trying!

​The "Judge Less, Fed Is Best" theme is beautifully displayed in our collaborative 2016 calendar. This work of art blends the majesty of the mother-child relationship with the simplicity of the every day feeding experience. Black and white images of fellow Minnesota mothers are masterfully composed to provide a space for the viewer to feel the raw emotion of the moment. With an inspiring affirmation for each month, the casual beauty of this collaborative calendar honors the ways we, a diverse community of families, can judge less and feel more connected.

  • Mission:

Judge Less is a movement that brings awareness to the shared experiences of mothers and parents, transcending the idea that our ideals are at war. When we let go of judgment, and let in love, beauty is the final result.

  • About the project

Midwest Doulas absolutely fell in love with the stunning visual art of Ashley Rick of St. Paul Photo Co. Staci and Justine shared the Judge Less philosophy with Ashley, and they decided to collaborate. The 2016 calendar theme is #fedisbest, celebrating the bond built by feeding, without judging how it is done. Proceeds from calendar sales are donated to Babies Need Boxes, a 501(c)3 non-profit organization that brings the life-saving Finnish baby box tradition to vulnerable mothers in Minnesota. The calendar is sold for $25. Watch Babies Needs Boxes in the news here!

  • About the photographer:

Ashley Rick runs a one-woman show at St. Paul Photo Co. As a lifestyle photographer, she captures the most intimate milestones in your life—birth, death, marriage, baptism, first steps, graduation—in your own environment. Ashley is a mother, artist, photographer, Minnesotan, and lover of cheese, coffee, wine, good music, summer, French fries, walks to the park with her children, and, of course, photography. See her fantastic work on her Facebook page at st paul photo co. and catch her fine art shows around the Twin Cities.

  • Thanks:

​This project is made possible by the many hearts and hands who generously gave of their time and talents. Special thanks to all of our inspiring participants, talented photographer, skilled graphic designer, Jen Temke with Trench Media, and our ever supportive families.

St Paul Photo Co.

All proceeds benefit.


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